In a musical landscape where anybody can record some songs and put them up on the Internet, Elisa Peimer writes songs that make people stop what they're doing and ask, "Wow, who is this?" 

The New York City-based singer/songwriter’s fifth album, Inside the Glass, is fresh proof of the persistence of talent and the preeminent power of song in a world of noisy distractions. The new release’s 10 songs tie pop, folk, and rock sounds together with catchy melodies and strong vocals. Irwin Menken (The Lee Ranaldo Band), who also played bass, co-produced the album with Elisa. 

Elisa brought together an array of talented musicians with credits that reflect her varied inspirations – everything from power-pop to Broadway cast albums, from classical crossover to Americana and folk. The album was recorded by Grammy-winning engineer Ted Young (Sonic Youth, Mick Jagger). 

Recently Elisa performed for over two years with a group of women singer/songwriters with “Joni Mitchell’s Blue: A 40th Anniversary Celebration,” playing to sold-out crowds in venues throughout the Northeast, ending the tour with a performance in Chicago and a live broadcast on WFMT. “It was such an amazing experience,” says Elisa. “I worked and performed alongside such talented performers, and got to play music by one of the greatest songwriters of all time. When the tour ended, I was completely inspired to take that creative energy and record a new album.” 

The result is one of her most musically and lyrically diverse albums to date. Tracks range from the folky acoustic sounds of “Bobby Hollywood” to the overdriven electric guitar wash of “This Life,” and from the full-band pop sound of “Better” to the sparse, emotional piano and vocals of “What Would He Say.” 

Adding to the diversity of her career, Elisa is also the keyboardist and featured singer in the band End of Love, an alternative power-pop “supergroup” that includes members of Big Star, Wilco, and Sonic Youth. She appears on their latest release, Ghosts on the Radio. 

Elisa’s previous albums have earned her a Pop Artist Spotlight on, TV and film placements, and licensing deals with Columbia Tri-Star Television, MTV, the Oxygen Network, and more.  Critics have lauded her past albums with praise like "hits home with heavenly force," and "captivating from the first track to the last." She has sung the National Anthem at Giants Stadium and for the Brooklyn Cyclones, and received heavy video rotation on the CBS Spectacular screen in Times Square.  

The music industry has changed dramatically since Elisa's first foray into the recording studio.  But the demand for well-crafted, universally appealing songs has not.  In this, Elisa's music rises above the fray, reminding us that classic songwriting is alive and well in the hands of this hard-working writer and singer.