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Record release party press release

Peimer/Whisperado vs. Red Sox/Yankees/Patriots

It was a tough night to play a gig in Boston. There was a both a Red Sox/Yankees game, AND a Patriots game Sunday night. Not that Boston's a sports town, or anything. They don't have a lot of colleges there either. Still, those brave souls who ventured out to The Burren - a bar that DOESN'T have a television - got a little music from me and Jon. Here's a picture, taken by my wonderful sister, Laura. Click here to comment

Happy New Year!

Music and art

Just got back from The Lion's Den from my show with Irwin. Totally a last minute booking, but really fun. It's cool to play with just guitar and bass because you can really hear yourself. Sometimes with the full band, I totally can't hear myself sing. I've gotten pretty good at singing and just hoping I'm in tune. And in the world of art news, my friend Jeff Frederick just launched a new website - Orignal Art for 99. He's an amazing painter, and he put this site together where you can purchase original artwork for only $99 per piece. As Jeff says, "Our mission is to connect up-and-coming artists with art-lovers who want original art for their homes (but don't want to spend a lot). Since the artist gets 90% of the sale price (unlike traditional galleries that take 50%), it is also a great way for emerging artists to see some income from their work." It's a new kind of indie artist! Click here to comment

New album, new website!!

Here it is, folks! At long last, the new website is up! With all sorts of cool features: You can now listen to full length songs from every album I've released (and that would be 4, as of today!) Some you can download, some you can stream, but you can listen to everything in its entirety. You can comment on this blog (which will now reside on the home page.) Just click the link below and you'll be taken to the guestbook, where you can share your thoughts and feelings. Sharing on the guestbook is also encouraged by going there directly and just commenting on things in general. In other news, the new album, Pull of the Moon, is now available!! All the songs are posted on the Music Page. You can purchase it directly from me right now, through PayPal, and it will be up on CD Baby and Amazon in the next few of weeks. It will also be available to download through iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and other sites. And I've scheduled a Record Release party here in New York for October 11 at R Bar on the Lower East Side. There's an open bar from 7 - 8pm, and the band goes on at 8. Everyone who comes gets a free CD! If you're in New York, do come by! Click here to comment

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