Elisa Peimer

Previous Engagement

written by Elisa Peimer


We could sit around all day long

Tell each other stories and sing each other songs

But no matter what we say

There’s something that always gets in the way


Your previous engagement

Your previous engagement


I could hang out in this town

And you’d bring me up when I’m feeling down

But sometimes it’s cause of you

Cause I know that no matter what we do


You’ve got a previous engagement

Previous engagement


We sneak around

We’re tearing up the town

Sometimes I almost see

How you might look at me

Don’t go away

But you can never stay

You know you’ve got to take



(solo chorus)


We might drink a bit too much

We might sit so close we almost touch

But I know you’ve got to go

And pull down the curtain on this show


For your previous engagement

Previous engagement